Enrichment Clubs

Enrichment clubs will not begin again until the second week back after the Christmas break, Monday 10 January 2022.  You will receive further information from your child’s teacher about clubs, during the first week back after Christmas.

The timetable for clubs will be as follows:

All clubs will run from 3.15-4.00pm


Year group



Year 6

Mrs Thompson - Ball games

Miss Edwards - Art & Craft

Mrs Weir - Textiles


Year 4

Mrs Thompson - P.E.

Miss Lee - Cooking

Mrs Bell - Life Skills

Miss Golightly - Sewing


Year 3

Mrs Parsons - Art

Miss Dobinson - Spanish

Miss Hutchinson - Book club

Mrs Thompson - P.E/Sport


Year 5

Mr Askew - Games

Mrs Marsh - Art project

Miss Edwards - Zumba


Year 1

Miss Macieira - Drama

Mrs Holden - Book club/Storytelling

Mrs Thompson - Gymnastics


Year 2

Miss Adlington - Fitness to music

Miss Burnip - Band camp

Miss Bryson - Art


Year 6


Miss Taylor/Miss Oxley/Miss Robinson

SATs booster sessions