School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2022-23

  • Assessing Pupils Needs
    Assessing Pupils Needs
  • Early Years SIP
    Early Years SIP
  • Metacognition and Self Regulation
    Metacognition and Self Regulation
  • Reading


Overview of School Improvement Plan 2021-22


 To develop pupils into readers in the twenty first century

♦ To accelerate progress in reading to increase the proportion of pupils attaining ARE and GLD at the end of KS1 and 2

♦ To read widely across both fiction and non fiction to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live.

♦ To establish an appreciation and love of reading.

♦ To support pupils to develop fluent reading capabilities.

♦ To improve teacher subject knowledge of how to teach reading fluency and comprehension.


To target teaching and support by accurately assessing pupils’ needs especially in writing. 

To embed metacognition and self regulation in the classroom