Junior Global Committee

    Crook COP 26

    Published on Wednesday 17 November 2021 by Mr Askew.

    Last week, the children of Crook Primary School and from our linked schools, including schools from Zimbabwe and Tanzania participated in our own mini-conference inspired by COP 26, which resulted in Mrs Lupton signing a pledge for the school to go carbon neutral by 2030.

    To kick the day off, Megan Swann, President of the Magic Circle, shared important messages on environmental issues through a performance of amazing magic. The children were in awe at this. She then set the challenge for the children to make a pledge that they would take action on, and monitor to see the impact that we could have on climate change. The final part of the challenge was to share their intentions through an interesting way like she does with her magic.

    Richard Hurst, Education Advisor for Durham County Council, then shared his message of the aims of our local council, and how children can make a difference as well as the importance of COP26.

    Crook COP 26Crook COP 26

    Each year group was given an overarching focus which they had to decide on a pledge related to. These included waste, food, environment, water, energy, travel and adaptation and resilience. The children then learned about COP 26 and the importance that it would have through lessons before discussing their thoughts on their targets and auditing the school to see if they could have an impact through their pledge.

    The children had some amazing ideas and backed it up with knowledge through work they had done in the curriculum and Sustainable Development Goals. On the afternoon, the year groups worked on their presentations for our virtual assembly where they shared their pledges. The children showed amazing presentation skills through song, drama, digital presentations and other ways.

    Crook COP 26

    Our final targets at Crook Primary School are:

    Reception: To reduce the amount of waste

    Year 1: To reduce the amount of food waste and plastic bin bags used to dispose of the waste.

    Year 2: To improve an area of the school field to make it a more suitable habitat for insects.

    Year 3: To save/conserve water.

    Year 4: To reduce energy consumption in school.

    Year 5: To reduce the amount of children coming to school by car.

    Year 6: To save energy and switch to renewable sources.

    Crook COP 26Crook COP 26

    Our cluster schools had also produced amazing ideas, pledges and work. Each year group at Prince Bishops Primary School (Bishop Auckland) joined Crook in making pledges as well as sharing images of concern and hope in their school. The children of The Oaks (Spennymoor) have been looking at climate change and actions that they could take including reducing water use and the impact bees can have. Children from Reception and Year 5 at St. Stephen's (Willington) joined us in pledging to make a difference. Our international friends from Zimbabwe at Stanley Primary School shared that as part of their sustainable resource management the children collected waste from around the school and created new products. The products they created were plastic rugs, moving toys and jewelry.

    It has been amazing to see the ideas that our young ones have had and the impact that they want to have. Now, it's up to everybody to support them in making a change and sticking to our pledges.

      ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

      Published on Monday 18 October 2021 by Mr Askew.

      WOW! What a week the Junior Global Committee have just had. On Wednesday, the children had online meetings with the students that they had been collaborating with from South Point School in India. The children were able to share their work and learning and ask questions about how the children in India were having a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

      The children were then able to have an informal chat with each other and find out about each others' lives.

      The big event of the ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference. The group were part of over 4000 children from 130 different schools across the globe that attended. More information can be found here https://eco2smartschools.org.uk/eco2-cop-virtual-event/ The children were able to listen and interact with the experts by posing questions to experts.

      The recording of the conference can be viewed at https://eco2smartschools.org.uk/eco2-cop-virtual-event/

      We are going to be taking it a step further and holding our own Climate Conference in school soon, so keep an eye out for further developments.

        ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

        Published on Friday 24 September 2021 by Mr Askew.

        As part of our research in the impact of climate change for our future climate conference, our Junior Global Committee were lucky enough to work alongside Alice from OASES.

        The children talked about impact on animals and insects habitats before investigating by going on bug hunt to find out which species were present in our school grounds.

        ECO2 Smart Schools Climate ConferenceECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

        The children discovered a lot of slugs! The children found some beetles, spiders and a true fly!

        The children then discussed their next steps that they could take to improve our grounds to become more insect friendly.

        ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

        ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

          Crook Primary To Work With International Schools

          Published on Wednesday 26 May 2021 by Mr Askew.

          Crook Primary School is proud to announce that we will have signed up to the ECO2 Smart Schools Project. The ECO 2 Smart Schools Climate Conference will bring schools together from around the world to think about the issue of climate change. Each Durham school will be partnered with a school in another country. This partnering will enable the young people involved to explore other pupil's experiences of and feelings about climate change. Crook Primary School has partnered with Southpoint School in India.

          Through participating in the ECO 2 Smart Schools Climate Conference, our pupils will be able to:

          ? Share their experiences of climate change.

          ? Understand what climate change is and the impact it is having around the world.

          ? Develop an understanding of the ways in which we can tackle climate change


          ? Be empowered to take action against climate change in their school and local


          ? Learn about key international climate agreements, such as the Paris Agreement.

          ? Learn about the annual UN Climate Change Conference 'COP' and the aims of


          Keep an eye on her for updates on our upcoming project.

            Wildflower Garden in Bloom.

            Published on Monday 13 July 2020 by Mr Askew.

            Whilst many have been away from school, our newly seeded wildflower garden has bloomed and is buzzing with activity as our first bee friends have visited it.

            Wildflower Garden in Bloom.Wildflower Garden in Bloom.

            Laura from Groundworks North East Limited worked alongside the children to identify how we would like to develop our school grounds using a grant provided by the company. From research that the children had done as part of the Junior Global Committee, they identified the need to create environments for wildlife, and in particular bees to thrive.

            Wildflower Garden in Bloom.

            Well done to all involved, and we would like to say a special thank you to Alan Butler, who spent days cultivating the land for the children to seed.

              Bees Knees Wax Company

              Published on Friday 31 January 2020 by Mr Askew.

              Hi followers of our group. I apologise for the lack of updates, but our group have been working harder than ever before.

              The after school group have worked really hard to solve the issue of single use plastic sandwich bags that children bring in their packed lunches and for the use of snacks. They have researched, cost it, presented their findings and started the process of acquiring the 100% cotton that we need.

              Bees Knees Wax CompanyBees Knees Wax Company

              The Bees Knees Wax Company aim to produce bees wax food wraps that can be reused over and over again. The idea was brought to us by Harriet, one of our youngest members, who uses them for her packed lunches.

              These wraps are environmentally friendly and will save parents money in the long-run, as well as raise money for future projects identified in the school.

              Bees Knees Wax CompanyBees Knees Wax Company

              The children will be making these in the next couple of months with the aim of selling them by the summer term.

              We will be releasing an advert soon, so keep an eye out.

              We are also in the process of making a wildflower garden with Laura from Groundworks North East in an unused part of the school grounds. Photos will be coming soon!