Junior Global Committee

    Wildflower Garden in Bloom.

    Published on Monday 13 July 2020 by Mr Askew.

    Whilst many have been away from school, our newly seeded wildflower garden has bloomed and is buzzing with activity as our first bee friends have visited it.

    Wildflower Garden in Bloom.Wildflower Garden in Bloom.

    Laura from Groundworks North East Limited worked alongside the children to identify how we would like to develop our school grounds using a grant provided by the company. From research that the children had done as part of the Junior Global Committee, they identified the need to create environments for wildlife, and in particular bees to thrive.

    Wildflower Garden in Bloom.

    Well done to all involved, and we would like to say a special thank you to Alan Butler, who spent days cultivating the land for the children to seed.

      Bees Knees Wax Company

      Published on Friday 31 January 2020 by Mr Askew.

      Hi followers of our group. I apologise for the lack of updates, but our group have been working harder than ever before.

      The after school group have worked really hard to solve the issue of single use plastic sandwich bags that children bring in their packed lunches and for the use of snacks. They have researched, cost it, presented their findings and started the process of acquiring the 100% cotton that we need.

      Bees Knees Wax CompanyBees Knees Wax Company

      The Bees Knees Wax Company aim to produce bees wax food wraps that can be reused over and over again. The idea was brought to us by Harriet, one of our youngest members, who uses them for her packed lunches.

      These wraps are environmentally friendly and will save parents money in the long-run, as well as raise money for future projects identified in the school.

      Bees Knees Wax CompanyBees Knees Wax Company

      The children will be making these in the next couple of months with the aim of selling them by the summer term.

      We will be releasing an advert soon, so keep an eye out.

      We are also in the process of making a wildflower garden with Laura from Groundworks North East in an unused part of the school grounds. Photos will be coming soon!

        Meat Free Monday

        Published on Friday 18 October 2019 by Mr Askew.

        We would like to introduce you to our new idea which we would like to start after half term. We have thought about starting to do a Meat Free Monday at Lunch time at school. We would like to encourage children who bring packed lunch to take part in this as well.

        Our aim is to cut out meat one day a week to try and slow down meat consumption, as animals are being overbred to manage the demand for meat. This is damaging our planet as the animals produce methane.Greenhouse gases are causing climate change and this is damaging our planet. We hope that by making little changes we can make big differences.

        (We expect teachers and staff to join in too!)

        Junior Global Committee

          Primary Pupil Climate Change Consultation

          Published on Friday 4 October 2019 by Mr Askew.

          Three members of our newly formed Junior Global Committee recently represented the group at the County Durham Primary Pupil Climate Change Consultation. The three children were chosen after writing excellent letters of application to join the group.

          Primary Pupil Climate Change ConsultationPrimary Pupil Climate Change Consultation

          When they were at the meeting, they shared their opinions on issues that face our county in trying to meet targets set in reducing emissions. The children were excellent representatives and had some really interesting and informed opinions.

          Primary Pupil Climate Change Consultation

            Junior Global Committee

            Published on Tuesday 24 September 2019 by Mr Askew.

            Welcome to the new Crook Primary School Junior Global Committee page. On here, you will find all the latest updates of everything that we are doing.

            Over 20 pupils wrote excellent letters of application stating why they wanted to join the group and how they could make a difference. During our first meeting the group the children decided on the name Junior Global Committee. The reason for this is that they want to not just learn and have an impact on issues in our local community, but also global issues.

            We look forward to sharing everything that we do!