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  • Dates for Term 2B
    Dates for Term 2B

Prize giving assembly!

Published on Thursday 18 July 2019 by Mrs Fox.

For working so hard all year we had a special treat. We had a cinema day with popcorn and juice and we even got a turn on the bouncy castle and had a party! It was lots of fun dancing, playing party games and having a picnic in the sun.

Prize giving assembly!Prize giving assembly!

Thank you for coming to our prize giving assembly, we hope you enjoyed it! We are very proud of all of the children's achievements this year and it has been lovely being a part of their important journey and watching them grow. We would like to wish the children that are leaving us all the best for starting their new adventure in reception. We are also very excited to welcome the returning children back to nursery on the 4th of September. We also look forward to meeting our new starters on the 5th of September when they attend with their grown-ups.

Prize giving assembly!Prize giving assembly!

We hope you all have a relaxing summer holiday and would like to thank you again for your continued support!

Sports Day!

Published on Friday 12 July 2019 by Mrs Fox.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Sports Day! We hope you enjoyed seeing what the children have been learning throughout the year with Mrs Thompson. They all did a fantastic job!

Sports Day!Sports Day!

The children were very excited for their transition sessions at the primary school. They got the chance to see their new classroom and meet their new teachers again! We are very proud of everybody for being so confident and brave when dealing with the change. You were all superstars!

Sports Day!Sports Day!

Our little rays of sunshine this week are Dakota Bilgin-Darvishi for doing an amazing job sharing his feelings about going to big school! He put in some sadness, happiness and fear in the jar explaining to his friends that he will miss the guinea pigs and his friends but he is excited to play with some new toys! Holly Symcox for showing such a positive attitude to starting Primary school. This week she drew a lovely picture of her new teacher Mr Storey. It is lovely to see how far Holly has come during her time at nursery. She is now such a confident, happy and helpful little girl. Good luck at Primary School Holly! Freddie Sproat for persevering with his cutting. Freddie did not give up even when he found it a little bit tricky. Super work Freddie! Donna Emmerson for concentrating so hard when learning how to use her scissors. At first Donna didn't think she could do it, but with lots of encouragement she was able to make snips in the paper. It was lovely to see Donna so proud of herself! And finally Mya Carr for dealing with the transition to Primary school so well. Each time we have visited Mya has been keen to explore her new setting and engages with all of the different activities. Good luck starting school Mya!

Sports Day!

Pirate Pete is going to sea, who will his new friends be?...

Published on Thursday 4 July 2019 by Mrs Fox.

This week in nursery we have been learning all about alliteration. Pirate Pete invited some new friends on his ship but we had to think of a name for the sea creatures with the same initial sound. The children came up with “turtey turtle” and “wet whale”

Pirate Pete is going to sea, who will his new friends be?...Pirate Pete is going to sea, who will his new friends be?...

Our little rays of sunshine this week are Olivia Ryan for being so inquisitive when learning about sea creatures. She asked me “why do stingrays have pointy tails?” She understood to find the answer she could look on “a computer, book or on an ipad” What a brilliant question Olivia! Joshua Bowes for his great number work. Today he counted the 5 pieces of treasure in the chest. Each time a pirate stole some of his treasure he recognised that the quantity had changed. Keep up the hard work Josh! Leo Lowes for showing care and concern for our frogs. He was also super brave and enjoyed holding a tiny frog which hopped up his arm. What a brave boy! Leona Watret for sorting the treasure according to its size. She was also able to tell me if they were big or little. Great work Leona! And finally Robbie Cleary as his creativeness never ceases to impress me. This week he has been busy working at the writing table independently. He told me that he was drawing “a shark” I was amazed, what a fantastic drawing and with such detail. Well done Robbie!

Pirate Pete is going to sea, who will his new friends be?...

Just a reminder that it is Sports day on Monday 8th July at 10am (morning children) and Friday 12th July at 1pm (afternoon children). If your child is in Mrs Blacketts group please confirm which sports day your child will be attending. The children who will be starting at Crook Primary School in September have also been invited to spend a session with their new teacher on Thursday 11th of July. The children will attend nursery at their normal times and staff will take the children to school.

Fun at the Aquarium!

Published on Friday 28 June 2019 by Mrs Fox.

We had so much fun on our trip to the Aquarium. We got the chance to touch a sea urchin and a starfish in the rock pools, watched the seal show and explored the different tanks full of amazing sea creatures! We are very proud of all of the children for being so well behaved!

Fun at the Aquarium!Fun at the Aquarium!

A pirate's life for me!

Published on Thursday 27 June 2019 by Mrs Fox.

This week in nursery we have been making our own treasure maps. The children have used their imaginations and thought very carefully about what they were going to put on their map such as an invisible bridge, waterfall, a magic stone, a witches house and jungle grass. The children used their maps to inspire their imaginative play as they used the maps in the nursery garden to search for the hidden treasure.

A pirate’s life for me!  A pirate’s life for me!

We also learnt about floating and sinking. We predicted which objects would float and which would sink and then tested them out in the water.

A pirate’s life for me!  A pirate’s life for me!

Our little rays of sunshine this week are Freddie Sproat for doing an amazing job when fishing for shapes. He was able to use some of the correct 2D mathematical names when naming them! Great shape work Freddie! Luke Rennie for coming into nursery with no tears. He has been super brave settling into his new nursery. I am very proud of you Luke! Arthur Hendry for his great attitude towards toilet training. You have been an absolute superstar, I am so proud of you keep up the hard work! Carter French for being so confident with his transition to reception. He enjoyed exploring his new environment and loved playing with his sister in the reception garden. Well done Carter! And finally Daniel Clark for working so hard this week preparing to go to big school. He is now able to independently write his own name and recognises numerals 1-5. You have made brilliant progress Daniel!

A pirate’s life for me!

We would like to remind you that it is Crook Fest on Friday 5th July. You are more than welcome to collect your children from nursery to attend the fair. There will be singing performances which start at 1pm and the fair will open at 1:30pm. Unfortunately if you do not collect your child they will be unable to attend the fair with nursery staff, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Ahoy my Mateys!

Published on Thursday 20 June 2019 by Mrs Fox.

This week we had a special delivery from Pirate Pete. He sent us a letter and a map and asked for our help to find his hidden treasure. We worked together to follow the map and we found a treasure chest full of golden coins!

Ahoy my Mateys!  Ahoy my Mateys!

We also had lots of fun playing a pirate rhyming game. We took it in turns to choose a golden coin and then our friends had to find another coin that rhymed! I wonder if you can find any rhyming objects in your house!

Ahoy my Mateys!  Ahoy my Mateys!

Our little rays of sunshine this week are Mason-Allen Walton for becoming more interested in his peers play. It is lovely to see Mason seeking out other children to play with and joining in with group games. Well done Mason! Abigail Bowes for doing some amazing number bonds work. She is beginning to understand that numbers are made up of two parts and was able to independently show me how to make the number 8 in different ways. Amazing work Abigail! Robbie Clarey for thoroughly enjoying our under the sea topic. He used a range of shapes and told me “I'm making a submarine they go under the water and up to the sea” And finally Jiaxin Yang for doing some amazing maths work. She was able to count the number of spots on the dice then place the same amount of coins in the treasure chest!

Ahoy my Mateys!

Just a reminder that we are visiting the Aquarium on Friday 28th June. Please arrive at nursery at 8:45am and bring a packed lunch for your child. We should arrive back to nursery for 3pm.