3L Home Learning WC 4.5.20

Published on Friday 22 May 2020 by Miss Lee.

It has came to my attention that some website updates have not been successful and I can only apologise for this. Hopefully the issue is rectified and I continue to update without issues.


It was a great week for work this week leading up to the VE Day celebrations. I received some lovely contributions.

Emily took part in a lovely bike ride with her dog. Made a cloud in a jar and also created an alternative rainbow. Great job Emily!


Evie's alternative rainbow was given some thought and was created to show our class name 3L. Such a lovely thought and creative idea. She also spent time learning to tell the time. She used her own resources to make a clock and clearly spent a lot of time on this. She then used it to help her complete her work on time. Excellent work Evie!

3L Home Learning WC 4.5.203L Home Learning WC 4.5.20

Quinn spent some time researching the colours of the rainbow and how they are made. He then used this to create a Lego alternative rainbow. Great idea. He also created a front page for a book 'The School for Super Villains'. Well done Quinn.


Willow sent in lots of examples of activities she had completed from the suggested timetable. She had a very busy week, creating alternative rainbows, continuing her work into local heroes and drawing her favourite characters from books. Well done Willow, keep up the hard work.

3L Home Learning WC 4.5.203L Home Learning WC 4.5.20

James spent some time on the hunt for Mr Storey's stone. It had moved but he managed to find it and put it in a new location. He also completed the maths work on budgets for army supplies and managed to speak to his grandparents who shared with him their memories of VE Day at the end of WW2. They were 7 and 5 when the war finished. They could just about remember the parties and celebrations. They could also remember the rationing and his nana lived in North Shields so could remember the bomb shelter and that she could take her dolls in there. She could also remember the sirens which were scary.


How amazing that we still have relatives to share their experiences!